Library for the Built Enviironment Studies Call for Partnership / განაშენიანებული გარემოს შემსწავლელი ბიბლიოთეკა

Urban Reactor is launching a project LIBRARY FOR THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT STUDIES

in co-operation with:

The initiative is open for partnership for any interested organizations, groups and activists in Georgia, South Caucasus and internationally. If you find yourself interested in the aims and objectives of this project, for more details contact us on

Problem Statement

The rapid transition of the post-Soviet Georgia to the market economy offers new challenges to the society regarding the built environment and its socio-spatial organization. Nevertheless, the problems of the built environment and social space have been left aside from the public debate. Neither from the professional standpoint are there sufficient retrospective problematization and a strategic vision of these socio-spatial processes.

This situation is partly a result of the lack of necessary information and education in the fields of urban planning and architecture. There is a gap between the existing socio-spatial problematic, the educational curriculum and available learning material. The learning resources and curricula are outdated. The existing libraries lack functionality as they do not provide resources necessary to study and reflect current problems brought by the new reality. More importantly, due to the lack of reference to the relevant authors and works, even the sources available at hand, such as internet, remain ineffective and unexplored. The advanced professional literature is not being translated in Georgian and remains inaccessible for the majority of local audience. As a result, education process, scientific research and, consequently, the public debate are unproductive in responding the core problems and challenges facing the built environment.

In such situation there is a strong need for a pro-active educational platform where the students, researchers, practitioners and other interested groups can obtain information, conduct research, pursue public and professional debate. Such a platform should facilitate professionals as well as the civil society to take an active stance and acquire agency in shaping their living environment. This can be crucial for taking the socially relevant decisions for modification of the built environment in accordance with the political, economic and socio-cultural challenges facing the country.

Project Aim

The aim of the project is to create a platform for the built environment studies accumulating and transmitting knowledge necessary for theoretical and practical education in the fields of urban planning and architecture.

The objectives of the project are to:

• Provide the printed, audio and video material relevant for the theoretical and practical education in architecture and urban planning;

• Provide guidance to the students, researchers and other interested groups on the relevant literature and topics;

• Accommodate the public/professional debates and discussions around the wide range of issues related to the problematic of the built environment on local as well as global scales through organizing and supporting workshops, lectures and discussions;

The project is perceived as a long term initiative, which will co-operate with the educational institutions, government, non-governmental organizations and civil society.