Georgia / დოკომომო საქართველო is an international working party dedicated to the documentation and conservation of buildings, sites and neighborhoods of the modern movement.’s mission is to:

  • foster interest in the ideas and heritage of the modern movement
  • act as watchdog when important modern movement buildings anywhere are under threat
  • exchange ideas relating to conservation technology, history and education
  • elicit responsibility towards this recent architectural inheritance

Urban Reactor plans to become part of the international network.

There were not so many modern movement architectural or urban projects realized in Georgia. However, the few that are preserved up to date, mark the existence of this movement in the country, thus proving Georgia to share the ideas of 20th century international avantguard. It is perhaps more important to analyse why, how and under what conditions this movement occurred in Georgia, what were the constrains that hampered the development of the movement, rather than to analyse the quality of the single architectural or art pieces as such. Through such analysis, we want to draw public attention to the ideas of the modern movement, and to revalorise the culture, which was largely suppressed and forgotten during the last century. Through popularizing and preserving the memory of modern movement our goal is to re-establish the historical continuity and to bring to the surface the facts, stories and events, that were never analysed and evaluated in the context of the socio-political development of the country and the whole region.